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2019 Sheikh Akram Ziyadeh PDF Print E-mail
Written by QSSC Staff   
Saturday, 14 September 2019 23:13
Sh. Abu Muhammad Akram Ziyadeh
Will be visiting us from Friday October 4th till Sunday December 1st 2019 at QSSC.
He will be teaching the following books:
The Exquisite Pearls, by Imam Ash-Shawkaani
Daily from 6:30pm - 10:00pm
الدرر البهية للإمام الشوكاني يوميا 6:30-10:00 مساء
The Garden of the Intelligent, by Imam Ibn Hibbaan.
Daily after Fajr.
روضة العقلاء للإمام ابن حبان يوميا بعد الفجر
To Download the books
الدرر البهية https://archive.org/details/dbfmf
روضة العقلاء https://archive.org/details/FP44469
All Lectures will LIVE Broadcast
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